logo & branding

To create a dog character, logo and branding for a new business developing and selling dog related products and services.

The brand name ‘Pampaw’ was provided by the client - the initial brief was to create a character as an icon/symbol and a vehicle for storytelling. The typography was to compliment and sit alongside the character so both could be used together and independently as required.

Key elements in the design process included character development through rough sketches and producing 3D clay models; creating a character with flexibility and humour; considering storytelling and animation options going forward; creating something that conveyed confidence and trust, that was fun and that possessed just the right amount of ‘cuteness’ without being childlike.

The design journey ended up with a dog character being combined with the’w’ of Pampaw – enabling the icon to be read as a letterform or character as required. The dog character created will be used going forward for animation and storytelling projects as the company evolves.

The client’s feedback was “I love it!” and “Everyone loves Pampaw”