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Working freelance has enabled me to part of some interesting projects.

At present I have been working for Red Engine Publishing provide a variety of creative and technical support for So It Goes: Punk And The Aftermath, a photographic book on the world renowned photographer Kevin Cummins.

My input has included digital illustration for the mock ups of the finished book; written content for social media and promotion; design for direct marketing; design and running the company’s website and online store; the preparation, selection and resizing of all related photographic imagery for promotion and marketing.

Cummins’ photographic career began in 1980’s Manchester. He photographed the likes of Joy Division, Liza Minnelli, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Philip Glass, Oasis, and David Bowie. He has done covers for the NME, featured in galleries including the National Portrait Gallery and The V&A.

This latest book is due out in May.