A Splash of Colour

April 6 2017

The role of a creative is a balancing act - a good mix of client lead projects/briefs’, the continuous updating of your skills, being inspired by what’s happening around you, keeping up with other artists’ and designers’ work, and of course networking!

You never really stop thinking art, design, creative… and new ideas arrive at any time of the day or night.

Travel and journeys are always good germinators - discovering new things and being receptive is easier when you are look at things afresh.

Irma Salo Jaeger

So during a recent visit to Norway, looking to fill two or three hours with something more stimulating than being sat in a crowded airport lounge, wishing I was still skiing, I decided to visit the Heine Onstad Kunstsenter.

This contemporary art gallery/sculpture park (opened in 1968) sits on a 140 acre wooded plot, on the coast just outside Oslo – a beautiful setting and space.

The gallery was hosting a retrospective of ‘Irma Salo Jaeger’s work’ – she’s described as a ‘master of colour’ and as someone who’s ‘made an indelible mark on modernist painting’. The work was mainly painting, low relief collage, with a few 3D colour automata

The work was stunning, and included a series of calm, geometrics in muted and earthy pastels. This was followed by a body of more vibrant pieces – all saturated and lively with a juxtaposition of geometrics, curves and expressive marks. Then the more recent work, with a graphic and mathematical feel, using limited colours – sharp and strong, but still wonderfully vibrant.

This was a complete contrast to a week of snowy mountains and skiing – probably one of the reasons why it left a strong and colourful mark.

You can see more about the Heine Onstad Kunstsenter at www.henieonstadsanatorium.no