Open Swimming

August 17 2015

And you’re thinking, what place does open swimming have in my creative blog?

Not only do I find it a great way to think, get inspired, to feel rejuvenated, you can also get completely immersed with the rhythm, apart from when your goggles start leaking. The sound of the water rushing past and the air bubbles boiling are your soundtrack. It’s a self propelled journey, and for me all journeys are generators of new ideas, the only problem is, you have to find creative ways of memorising the ideas without having a notebook to hand. You’re part of two worlds simultaneously, stopping occasionally to take it all in.

There’s also a nostalgic feel and mood to it all, that overlaps with some current personal influences of mine, Art Deco meets 1930s bathing meets fashion – as long as you ignore the competitive triathlon images that is!!! Probably why I’m feeling that open swimming, the apparent ‘trend for 2015’ is everywhere at the moment.

Swimming Edit

A few of my favourite finds this month have been a tiny bathing cartoon from a 1956 ‘Punch’ magazine, a railway poster from a 1934 art review catalogue, and the fabulous front cover of ‘Suitcase’ magazine. Although created several decades apart they all just sit seamlessly together.

I love summer.

Punch cartoon - Edwards, May 1956. Troon poster - McCorquodale Studio for L.M.S. Railway, 1934.