Maps and Wild Spaces

May 26 2015

Knoydart Sketchbook

Not sure how I managed it but a long planned trip to Knoydart in Scotland magically coincided with a window of fantastic hot weather, enabling me to see breathtaking views from the mountain tops, bag a few Munro’s and fit in some sketching. An added highlight was seeing a pod of dolphins. It’s a wonderful place.

Soho Map

Been going back to my cartographic roots (not routes) this month, producing some illustrated maps, the one of Soho lunch spots is my favourite. Have eaten in the oasis of Soho Square a few times, but haven’t tried the others yet!!!

Hand drawn and illustrated maps are really popular, and everywhere at the moment, think they’re just a refreshing change from Streetmap or Google, that we all use and love, but variety is good…, it’s just more interesting to pick up something that’s fun, personalised and just has a particular insight or focus in to an area. If you’re in need of some cartographic inspiration I can recommend looking at ‘A Map of the World’ by ‘gestalten’, there’s a map in there for everyone.

Also managed to pop in to ‘Pick Me Up’ at Somerset House. I was really taken by the work of illustrator Laura Callaghan, with her complex and detailed illustrated observations and screenprints. There was also something really interesting and haunting about Zoe Taylors pen and ink drawings too.