The World In Full Colour

April 14 2015

I feel like the world is in full colour this month.

Summer Lounge Party

I’ve completed my Summer Lounge Party illustration, inspired by summer parties and celebrations. And everywhere you look there’s colour and pattern, it just raises everybody’s mood. Am really looking forward to buying some 70’s inspired fashion too.

Also discovered the work of the Norwegian painter Peder Balke, at the National Gallery in London. His bleak and isolated seascapes, with large stormy skies really capture a sense of space, isolation and wild Scandinavian scenery.

A real highlight was an evening listening to the journalist Christina Lamb, roving Foreign Affairs Correspondent for the Sunday Times. She talked about her career, her experiences and some of the people she’s worked with and met along the way. It was a really interesting and inspiring evening. An added bonus was it enabled me to get some fantastic views over London, at dusk, from the top of the ‘Mini Shard’, really beautiful!!!